Aryana’s baby photoshoot

I finally get to photograph my little niece Aryana, visiting all the way from Australia. She is 5 months old and a beauty. Oh and super excited all the time ready for attention […]

Aryana's baby photoshoot | Dr Rave`s Photography 1

Reyansh Toddler photoshoot

If there was a scale of naughtiness, then Reyansh, the toddler would be way up the charts. His father Bhagyesh tells me that his school has two words to describe him – Naughtiest […]

Reyansh Toddler photoshoot | Dr Rave`s Photography 13

Cats of Iran project

There are times, when you want to kickstart your creativity, the best thing I have found is to challenge yourself with a simple project/ some personal work, and shoot it in as many […]

Cats of Iran project | Dr Rave`s Photography 2

Vihaan’s Toddler Photoshoot

With my extremely busy schedule, I was able to squeeze in today’s Toddler photoshoot for my lovely friends Amit and Pooja, and their little hero Vihaan. Decided to do this in their garden, […]

Vihaan's Toddler Photoshoot | Dr Rave`s Photography 10

Naira’s baby photoshoot

After Anirudh’s, Sophie’s and Aarav’s baby shoots, its been a while since I did another one of these. 2 weeks ago my childhood friends Aditya and Nidhi were blessed with a beautiful baby […]

Sarkhej Roza Hyperlapse

Last Saturday I was invited to Sarkhej Roza, to speak to the 1st year Architecture students from Indus university, about Humanity and Photography. Not that I am an expert in either of those […]

Sarkhej Roza Hyperlapse | Dr Rave`s Photography

Ahmedabad timelapse shot on iPhone

Here is a quick little timelapse from Pralhadnagar, shot on the iPhone using the Hyperlapse app. Pretty cool, did not require stabilization, however I like that you can choose the speed on the […]

Ahmedabad timelapse shot on iPhone | Dr Rave`s Photography 2

One shot from Lucknow

This is a shot from inside the Bhul Bhulaiya aka The Labyrinth, located inside the Imambara in Lucknow. The guide takes you inside through a maze of tunnels and stairs, up and down, […]

One shot from Lucknow | Dr Rave`s Photography 1

Hyperlapse is here

Here is my 1st attempt at using the Hyperlapse on the iPhone. Great stabilization from the Instagram group. Check out the quick video of S. G road, Ahmedabad. This is gonna be so […]

Hyperlapse is here | Dr Rave`s Photography

Another Before After

Here is another Before After post of interior office space. The final images is a composite of 49 images. It took about 2.5 hrs to complete the composite, but I think the end […]

Another Before After | Dr Rave`s Photography 4

Office interior photography

Here is one shot from my latest Interior photography project for a cool office in Ahmedabad. This one is from the visitor’s lounge of an office in Pinnacle Business Park. Really well done, […]

Office interior photography | Dr Rave`s Photography